The Summoning of Kramdar

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The Summoning of Kramdar

What's the deal?

This time it’s personal. As avid gamers ourselves (in both videogames and tabletop) we wanted to create something fun and uniquely our own. With our combined skillsets the bar was set high and we were ready to rise to the occasion.

Through many prototype iterations and playing the game with friends and family (repeatedly) and utilizing some new 3D sculpting skills, we were able to turn a dream into a reality.

With a successful Kickstarter campaign we were able to get our game out to the world. With our initial run of the game we ordered some extras available for sale right here in the GLK Shop. Copies of the game are extremely limited, so make sure to grab a copy while quantities last.

Frequently Asked Question – Gameplay

We have put together a how to play video to get you summoning Kramdar as soon as possible. For those of you who have further questions we’ve assembled an FAQ to help you play.


If a brotherhood card is used by a player at the altar, can the player they switch with use a brotherhood card to switch the player back?

Definitely! When developing the game, we called this the ol’ “Screw you! No… Screw you!”


Does only the person at play get to take a new card?

Yes, you can only draw a new card when it is your turn. The only time you can’t draw a card is when you are in the Valley of Lost Souls.


What can I do while in the Valley of Lost Souls?

When banished, there are only two things you can do to get out of the Valley of Lost Souls – you can give up one of your sacrifices if available (the sacrifice with the highest value), or you can roll the die. Official rules state that you must roll a 6 to get out, but if you are looking for an easier game-play, we recommend modifying the rule to roll a 4 or higher.


Can I be sent to the altar if I am banished to the valley of lost souls?

Nope. You are banished the brotherhood can not pull you out.


I know that I get banished if I send a player to the altar and they make a successful sacrifice… but what if they play a health card?

You only get punished (banished) if the other player that you sent to the altar makes a successful sacrifice. If they play any special card (brotherhood, health potion or even protection) there is no punishment for the enforcer.


If I successfully get out of the Valley of Lost Souls (by rolling the die or giving up a sacrifice), do I get another action?

Nope, it’s a long way out of the Valley of Lost Souls so you can imagine how tired you would be when you return to join the brotherhood. Returning to the mortal world is your action.


Can I pickup a card while in the Valley of Lost Souls?

Have you been reading the other FAQs? NO! When you’re banished all you should care about is getting out. You cannot draw a card when in the Valley of Lost Souls.


If I have 6 cards in my hand and it’s my turn, do I have to discard a card before I pick up a new one?

Yes, you need to make your decision of what card to discard before drawing a new one.


Is the number of sacrifices to end the game the total number between all players or one player?

The total number is by a single player. So in a two player game, a single player must complete 8 sacrifices, with three players 6 sacrifices and in a 4 player game, 5 sacrifices from a single player.

This means that for example in a 2 player game, Player A can have made 7 sacrifices and Player B made 6… the game doesn’t end until either Player A or B make an 8th sacrifice.


Can the Brotherhood card bring a player out of the Valley of Lost Souls?

Seriously? Anther question about getting out of the Valley? NO!


Kramdar Instruction Book

The Collaboration

Nothing happens overnight, especially with a passion project. We’ve been summoning Kramdar for years and his time to reign will be upon us soon.

What started as a combination of childhood nightmares memories, late-night TV binging and a personal hobby has grown into a fully realized product. The road to get here was long and laborious. From paper prototypes and about 100+ games of trial and error, we landed with a set of rules that are fast-paced and allow for a few twists with each new game play.

Kramdar Game Box

The planets started to align

Table-top and card games were rising in popularity, as was Lee’s interest and expertise in the subject. Chris had just graduated from Creature and Character Design at CMU and we had a 3D printer waiting to be utilized.

We had the whole thing planned, illustrated, mocked-up and ready for production. With the help of a business advisor and friend, we connected with a production company overseas to work out costs. We quickly discovered that our original vision to include tangible, 3D pieces with the game would add significant cost and production time. The compromise was to produce a ‘Standard Edition’ to generate initial sales that would include cut-outs and stands in place of the 3D player pieces.

With a little luck (and actual sales), we hope to bring the ‘Deluxe Edition’ to fruition, as we had originally intended, as a second production run. We’re currently in the process of refining the final ‘Stanard Edition’ for print production and will launch an online store in the coming months.

The Summoning of Kramdar

The ultimate team-up!

Are you someone with a special skill? Can you do something better than anyone else? Would you like to partner with us to take things to the next level? Fill out our questionnaire, and check out our collaboration page to see if we are a good fit!

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