Tucked Treasures

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Tucked Treasures

What's the deal?

We’re big drag queen fans over here (who isn’t?) and this was an easy fit for a collaborative project. Already knee-deep in the world of Drag (Chris fabricates props and costumes for the local Toronto Queens), we wanted to produce some quality merch.

We’re starting off with our local favs but would love to expand globally! Are you a drag performer and want some of your own custom products? Let’s talk!

These hotcakes are limited edition! So make sure to grab the whole collection while they’re still in stock!

Tucked Treasures

The ultimate team-up!

Are you someone with a special skill? Can you do something better than anyone else? Would you like to partner with us to take things to the next level? Fill out our questionnaire, and check out our collaboration page to see if we are a good fit!

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