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The Summoning of Kramdar: Standard Edition with soft enamel pin


The Summoning of Kramdar Standard edition is a game of wits deception and sacrifice. Get the full game with a limited edition pin!

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When hell is on earth and the plagues are a plenty the only salvation is Kramdar.

Make offerings when the moon is highest in the sky to satisfy Kramdar’s appetite – but be warned; If you have nothing to give, Kramdar will take a piece of your life force until nothing is left.

A game of wits, deception and sacrifice!



Object of the Game

There are two ways to win the Summoning of Kramdar. The first is to have the highest number of points at the end of the game when Kramdar has been successfully summoned. The second way to win is to be the last player standing.

Watch our “How to play” video below to get a full breakdown of the game.


1.25″ Soft enamel pin

The Summoning of Kramdar is a game of whit, deception and sacrifice originally launched on Kickstarter. The funded Kickstarter campaign included a limited run of gold soft enamel pins. We have only a few pins left from the campaign. These pins were made specifically for the campaign and will never be pressed again. Get yours while supplies last!


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